In-Store Glazing Lab

We make your glasses on site using our fully equipped glazing lab. This gives us a faster turnaround and more flexibility to do those specialised jobs other Opticians can’t do. So if you need your glasses in a hurry, or you've broken your only pair, we can help.

We provide many extra optical services such as:

Referral Refinement 

If a problem is found with your eyes, rather than sending you on to the hospital, our highly trained Optometrist performs extra thorough hospital tests within the practice. This ensures your eyes are healthy. It also saves you months of waiting for a hospital appointment and many hours of sitting in the eye department waiting room.

Ocular Hypertension Monitoring Scheme 

This is a special monitoring service for patients with ‘high pressure’ inside the eye. Rather than being seen at the hospital, the specialist will transfer you to the practice. A convenient time is then made for you to monitor your eye pressure and health.

Post Cataract Assessment 

Following your cataract operation your eyes will require a detailed examination to ensure the operation was successful and your vision is clear. The hospital will also require the results of the examination so your second eye can be operated on. We do this online so there is no delay in your treatment.